“ Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite": Advice on How to Avoid Bringing Home Bed Bugs

by GlennDL

I tend to stay in cheaper, economy hotels, so my fear of transporting bed bugs is heightened. Anyone who tends to rent an apartment as opposed to living in a house has probably been reminded of the seriousness of mold and bedbugs whenever they sign a new lease with pages of addendums which put all the potential blame and liability on them if either mold or bedbugs appear.

It has always been my practice to never put my luggage, CLOTHING OR SHOES on anything except hard services such as countertops luggage racks or in some cases in the bathtub. Bugs tend to not like such services because of the temperature and their exposure to visibility. Of course it's not a foolproof method but so far it's worked for me. So I keep it all off of the bed, floors and chairs. img_20171007_093905.651

Another practice of mine is to never sleep under the covers. I always bring my own bedding usually a sleeping bag and sleep on top of the covers. Bed bugs tend to seek out where people sleep and most people sleep under the covers.

The article points out the importance of dirty laundry and even though I have always kept mine in a mesh bag, usually in the bath tub or hanging in the closet, shower or on a closet door. I will now start using plastic bags in place of the mesh laundry bag”

There's Now Science-Backed Advice on How to Avoid Bringing Home Bed Bugs

Ryan F. Mandelbaum

"...This result emphases the importance of making sure luggage and other belongings are made as inaccessible to bed bugs as possible when staying in increased risk places, for example by making sure bags are fully closed and secured and kept away from the bed.” Hentley agreed with this advice.

So there you have it. When traveling to possibly bed bug-contaminated locations—like, say, that sketchy-seeming hotel—keep your luggage on metal racks (bed bugs don’t like crawling on metal, said Hentley) or put your whole suitcase in a plastic bag to avoid picking up the horrors that are bed bugs."       read full article