How2 Deal With Email/Chainmail Hoaxes.

For years I have been telling people why I don't open forwarded mail, or 'chain letter emails'.  Recently I took one of these chain letters and extracted the email addresses that it contained. 

Spammers know that if they appeal to our heart, our paranoia, and our fears we will pass these emails along and they can then intercept the growing mailing list.

This chain letter was less than a week old when I got it and in that week it had been circulated to 169+ people.  Many probably


How2 Preserve Your Newspaper Clippings:

Saving newspaper clippings for posterity can be a problem as there is a tendency for newsprint to turn yellow. There is a "bleaching' method which should prevent your articles from turning yellow and allow them to survive for up to 50 years. This simple homemade bath helps counteract the acid in newsprint that causes the yellowing/aging.

To be safe obtain more than one copy of your clipping as insurance against your first attempt suffering a mishap.

Mix and refrigerate [for 8 hours] 2 tablespoons of milk of magnesia with 1 quart of club soda.

Pour the mixture in a shallow pan and let one clipping set for an hour, make sure the pan can accommodate the largest clipping. Remove the clipping and remove the excess moisture by laying the clipping between several layers of paper towels and then let dry on a flat clean surface.

When complete store in an "archival-quality" album.

see also "Preserving Your Photos"

see also "How2 Scan Photos"

[1] "HELOISE: Preserve news clippings with bleaching process" Indianapolis Star: August 15, 1995


How2 Master Computer & Internet Maps

Website Maps: A Tutorial

or: What do you do when there are no instructions because its supposed to be 'intuitive'.

Whether you use MapQuest, Google Maps, Google Earth or some other mapping software the fundamentals are basically the same. Google Earth is a great personal mapping program but has a slightly harder learning curve due to its added features and power. The samples used here and on my website are from CommunityWalk's website which uses Google Maps. Remember that all mapping software may not use the same terminology as we use here and all map elements may not always appear on all maps, but the basics are here as well as features that may not standout on basic maps. Just use a little imagination when you encounter a term or element that doesn't match up to one of our examples and above all else click it and see what happens. You can always start over. GoTo Map Tutorial.


How2 Recognize A Stroke:

Having received several 'chain' emails over the years referring to the recognition of occurring strokes I decided to check out some of the claims as some were starting to sound suspicious.

  • Three simple tests [STR] anyone can administer can help diagnose the occurrence of a stroke: True.
  • Making a stroke victim bleed from his fingers will prevent further harm: False.
  • Ask the person to 'stick' out their tongue. if the tongue is 'crooked', if it goes to one side or the other, that is also an indication of a stroke. While that is also likely [true], as a test it is far less valuable than the original three [STR] because there is


How2 [&Why] You Would Subscribe to a 'Feed'

WHY: Do you have a lot of website's you like to routinely visit?  Are any of these website's 'slow loading'.  Sometimes the process of visiting our regular website's can be time consuming if we have a lot of them or as we wait for pages to download.  What 'Feeds' allow us to do is find out if a page has been updated since the last time we visited it without actually visiting it. 

HOW: If you see an advantage for you in subscribing to 'Feeds' then here's the how to.  As usual I'll keep it simple as my own understanding of it is just that, simple. 

If a website allows feeds [and many still don't] their will usually be a feed symbol on the page or in your browsers menu bar.

imageThe orange button is the Feeds symbol.  If this button is not orange then the current page does not allow subscriptions to it.  Besides the menu bar the