How2 Make A Homemade Reusable Ice Pack:

I found the first two techniques better than the reusable ones you buy at the drug store.

  1. To make a "small ice pack" :one cup rubbing alcohol, two cups water and one quart size zip lock plastic freezer bag.
  2. To make a "large ice pack" :two cups rubbing alcohol, four cups water and one gallon size zip lock plastic freezer bag.
  3. Use rice to create a mild ice pack. Insert 1 1/2 cups of rice into a sandwich sized, plastic zip seal bag.


How2 Protect Yourself In An Emergency: ICE

The following information is courtesy of  Mary Catherine C. and others, but be sure to read the additional notes below...gdl

"ICE - 'In Case of Emergency'
We all carry our mobile phones with names & numbers stored in its memory but nobody, other than ourselves, knows which of these numbers belong to our closest family or friends.
If we were to be involved in an accident or were taken ill, the people attending us would


HOW2 Make A Gum Wrapper Chain

If this video doesn’t help try the links below for step-by-step illustrated instructions and more ideals.  I chose this video because the guy has taken a simple ‘skill’ and turned it into a great savings idea. He’s a genius!  Plus by using dollar bills its a little easier to see what he’s doing.Worlds Longest?  As of April 11, 2007, the chain has 1,201,601 gum wrappers and is 51,276  feet long. Whoa! And get this, he