Hummingbird Feeder: Home Made Mix

One cup of sugar to 4 cups of water.

Migration Map (2016): http://www.hummingbirds.net/map.html


Facebook’s Hidden message Folder:

4-9-2016 1;27;07 PM23

For years I’ve asked if anyone new what happens when you message someone who’s not on your 'Friends List'. Maybe its someone you want to send a message to, but not add to your friends list. Like an ex-girlfriend, ex-bully, or ex-boss.
Or a Republican Winking smile

If you go to their Facebook page of someone not on your friends list you usually have two options ‘Friend’ them or ‘Message’ them, but when you message them do they see it?


I’ve sent messages to people not on my Friends list many times but have never received a message back. It use to be you could ‘poke’ them, but what the hell was that all about?

Well thanks to USA Today we’ve discovered another little known Facebook tidbit. Why do we have to dig for these nuggets of information. Hay Facebook how about a How To website for the rest of us! (Yeah you to Twitter, Microsoft, YouTube, and Android).

I did this and discovered 21 messages that I was unaware of dating back to 2009! I’m going to respond to those messages but the curious thing is: Do any of them know how to open their “Filtered” hidden folder?

Please share this information.