ABouT GLeNN's HoW2s

A collection of 'How To' items.
So where do I get off creating a website dedicated to "My" how to?

It just my way of organizing and cataloging them. Blogs have many features that let you organize and index things. By using labels you can catalog, index, and cross-index, and as you can see you can also store links to related sites without cluttering up your 'Favorites' or 'Bookmarks' that could disappear with that hard-drive crash or motherboard fizzle.

 Some of the How2s were created with a specific 'use' in mind, but please keep in mind that these How2s are offered as they are collected, that I am not an expert on any of these subjects meaning that the information provided may be the limit of my knowledge on the subject. If you have further questions or even suggestion please use the comment links to ask/make them. Also look at the comments to see if others have supplied additional information. If I can I will try to answer questions or at least suggest other research options. Be sure to view the "Glenn's How2s Resources:".

Photobucket'Glenn's How2s' is part of glenns-world.com network, it's set up as a sidebar-blog for the main sites/blogs in the network. It's used as a library of references, resources and notes for the many blogs and websites that make up the network.

Comments and new contributors are welcome.