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How to Stop Taking Blurry Pictures eHow.com
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Article Rating: (19 Ratings) Sometimes Blur Can Be GoodThere may be times that you want an image to be blurry. The pictured image of a running doe and fawn was taken on a tripod and the tripod was panned during exposure to add a sense of movement to the image. In most cases though, you want to freeze the action of an image to define the ultimate moment of the scene. There are a number of reasons that images are blurry, but the most important factor is the movement of the camera during exposure. If the camera moves, the…"

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How to Prevent a Smelly Vacuum Cleaner | eHow.com

Prevent a Smelly Vacuum CleanerIt's Saturday morning, the sun is out and you're ready to do some cleaning around the house--but as you plug in your vacuum cleaner and turn it on--you're assaulted by a sour, smelly odor that permeates your very soul! It smells like your vacuum cleaner was doused in vinegar and left to sit in the sun for two weeks. So much for a nice smelling house!
It doesn't have to be this way. By following a few very simple steps--you can ensure that your vacuum cleaner never smells like spoiled buttermilk again.

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