Home Heating Tips:

28_4_9Provided your unit’s in tip-top shape, here are some ideas to make the most of the heat inside your house.
  • Don’t close off vents, especially if you have a furnace. That restricts air flow and makes it harder on the furnace. Leave doors open to allow air to circulate freely through the home and find its way to the return.
  • Keep the blinds open to allow natural heat in, but only if it’s sunny. A cloudy day and open blinds will not help you,
  • Pass on the take-out and cook a meal at home. Cooking a campfiremeal in the oven is a great way to heat your home. During the winter, your oven assists in the heating of your home and doesn’t work against it, like during the summer.
  • Restrict air flow into or out of the home. If you can feel wind blowing through by windows, use caulk to cover any open space.
  • Listen to your furnace. Units aren’t meant to be loud, if you hear a furnace running loudly, it could be a sign of a future problem.
  • Watch programmable thermostats. If they’re set too low, they can cause valuable heat to be lost. Monitor your thermostat manually during the winter months.
28_4_11Regardless, keep the temperature in your home where you are most comfortable. But remember, the higher it is, the more you will pay when your power bill comes in the mail.