How2 create a YouTube Account.

computerrageEven if you don’t make videos and need to save them online a YouTube Account can be useful. You can use it to subscribe to shows and broadcast on YouTube. You can also use it to collect and organize your favorite videos that others have posted, such as music videos, cute kitten videos, movie trailers, etc.

Follow the steps in this video to quickly make a YouTube account.
Full transcript:How To Make A YouTube Account
To make a YouTube account quickly, first go to YouTube.com.
Click on "Sign In."
If you weren't aware, YouTube is owned by Google, and all of the accounts are merged into one, so if you already have a Google (Gmail) account simply sign in with it.
That will sign you into your YouTube account.
However if you're new to YouTube and need to create a YouTube
account, put in your personal information here.
First name & Last name.
Choose a Username.
Choose a password.
Confirm the password.
Put in your birthday.
Choose your gender.
Put in your phone number.
Put in your current email address.
For verification purposes, you can either choose to let Google call you to verify your account, or you can fill in the CAPTCHA.
Select your location.
You have to agree to Google's Terms of Service & Privacy Policy.
You have an option here to let them use your account information to personalize content and ads, so that's up to you.
Click "Next Step."
Your new YouTube account is now created (also Google account).
Now add a profile photo, or come back at any point to add it, and click "Next Step."
Your new Google account has now been created, and you can click on the YouTube tab and click "Sign In."
Put in your email and password.
Your new YouTube account is now set up.
Now they'll ask if there's any type of information you're interested in finding, connecting to social media accounts, just the standard questions after account creation.
That's how to make a YouTube account!

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