How2 Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer.

Still looking for a way to get your hands on some sanitizer? You can actually DIY.
Poynter Senior Faculty Al Tompkins explains:
“If the hand sanitizer you are using does not contain at least a 60% concentration of alcohol, there is a decent chance it is not effective at killing the coronavirus. Some popular brands don’t include alcohol at all.
“I used this recipe to make my own hand-sanitizer after local stores ran out. It is one cup of 91% rubbing alcohol and one-third cup of aloe. You have Purell. I have my concoction, which I call ‘Pure Al.’ If it were 100% alcohol, it would evaporate too fast and dry out your skin, chemistry experts warn.
Be careful to look at percentages and use aloe in order to avoid burning.

How to make your own hand sanitizer
Washing your hands is the best way to protect yourself, but sanitizer is second best

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